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The History of Viewpoint West

Viewpoint West History
by Henry Brandt - Historian

To put things in perspective:
Viewpoint West evolved 10 to 14 million years after Glassford Hill (Bald Mountain) erupted,
10,000 years after the Wooly Mammoth roamed the area, (bones are in Sharlot Hall)
3,000 years after humans entered the area,
133 years after gold was discovered in Lynx Creek,
114 years after James Hall (oldest child of Sharlot Hall) and family settled in Lonesome Valley,
111 years after Mr. Thomas G. Barlow-Massicks built "the Castle" near Fain Park and ran a big gold dredging operation,
79 years after Granville "Dan" Fain bought the Rafter 11 Ranch in Lonesome Valley,
and 30 years (1966) after Prescott Valley, Inc., started advertising land (lots sold for $1500).
So our community is just a blip in the evolution of the area.

Initial excavation of the Viewpoint West subdivision was initiated in 1996. This is when roads, structures, fence, noise, and traffic started to displace the antelope, rabbits, javelina, coyotes and other wildlife. Construction of homes started on Lots 1 through 13 and the starting price was $24,900. Highlights included paved streets with curbs, sidewalks and street lights, underground utilities, municipal water and sewer, value protecting CC&Rs, dedication of school and park sites, and panoramic views of Mingus Mountain, Granite Dells, the San Francisco Peaks and Granite Mountain. Of these, what can you see from your property?

Currently, 299 of the 300 lots have homes built on them. The first professional Management company (HOAMCO) was contracted in March 1998 to oversee and enforce association documents as written, fairly and impartially. In November 2000, the viewpoint West was 70% (210 properties) sold and this milestone marked the turnover of the directorship of the association to the homeowners.

As we look to the future, Prescott Valley, as well as "The Viewpoint", continues to grow and mature. The future evolution of our small area of the world will depend on the vision and actions of those who are elected to steer this community. We all have a stake in how our futures evole. Remember to inform yourselves, exercise your right to vote, participate in your community activities, board meetings, and events. Our world becomes a better place in which to live when we all exercise our right to become involved in shaping the world we live in so that we leave a great legacy to those who will come after us.