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Viewpoint West Architectural Guidelines

February 21st, 2019
  1. Purpose - In order to maintain the high quality of lifestyle that residents of Viewpoint West expect, these guidelines are provided to aid the homeowners in more fully understanding the function of the architectural control that has been established. The goal of the Architectural Review Committee is to insure that all construction, improvements and changes conform to the majority of the existing homes in Viewpoint West. These guidelines are based on the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) that have been adopted by the Viewpoint West Homeowners Association. In addition, these guidelines set forth the rules and regulations that govern the architectural control.

  2. Architectural Review Committee - This has been established by the Homeowners Board to review and control all improvements and changes to the homes and lots of Viewpoint West. These improvements include but are NOT limited to the following:
    1. All new construction including buildings and any accessory structures
    2. All materials or colors for exteriors
      1. Paint and any exterior colors must be submitted for approval on like materials for finished product.
      2. Earth tones are encouraged, while high contrast or clashing color schemes will not be acceptable.
      3. Each proposed color scheme for a home will be reviewed on the basis of its relationship to the natural surroundings, architectural design and neighborhood character.
    3. All site improvements such as Landscape/Fencing improvements
    4. All changes or additions to any item listed above.

  3. Town, County and State Regulations - All changes and improvements that come under the control and jurisdiction of any municipal or governmental body shall meet these requirements in design, fees, installation and maintenance. The home owner is solely responsible for meeting these requirements. These requirements and restrictions are in addition to those of the Viewpoint West Homeowners Association.

  4. Site Improvements or Changes - Any and all improvements/changes which are visible from neighboring property or streets must be submitted in writing and subsequently approved by the Architectural Review Committee prior to the improvement/change being started. These improvements/changes include but are not limited to the external construction, addition, installation, alteration, repair, change or replacement of any improvement. (Front and backyard, if not fenced.)

  5. Application - All applications for improvement and changes are to be submitted on the Architectural Review form.
    1. This form MUST show complete and descriptive information about the improvement/change being requested. Such detailed information MUST include but is NOT limited to the following:
      1. Lot plot plan with location of present house, other buildings and street access shown either to scale or with easily read and interpreted dimensions.
      2. Location of easements.
      3. Location of driveways, walkways, fences, etc.
      4. Detailed description and locations of the proposed improvements/changes including location, materials, plants, paint color, etc.
    2. Any and all improvements to be made to any property in Viewpoint West must have the necessary permits from the appropriate department of the Town of Prescott Valley prior to the actual work being started. This interface with the Town of Prescott Valley is the sole responsibility of the owner or his agent.